描述    /    Descriptions


BRCL3230BME 产品是单节锂离子/锂聚合物可充电电池组保护的高集成度解决方案。 BRCL3230BME 包括了先进的功率 MOSFET,高精度的电压检测电路和延时电路。 BRCL3230BME 具有非常小的 SOT23-5 的封装,这使得该器件非常适合应用于空间限制得非常小的可


充电电池组应用。BRCL3230BME 具有过充,过放,过流,短路等所有的电池所需要保护功能,并且工作时功耗非常低。该芯片不仅仅为手机而设计,也适用于一切需要锂离子或锂聚合物可充电电池长时间供电的各种信息产品的应用场合。



The BRCL3230BME series product is a high integration solution for lithium-lion/polymer battery protection.BRCL3230BME contains advanced power MOSFET, high-accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits.


BRCL3230BME is put into an ultra-small SOT23-5 package makes it an ideal solution in limited space of battery pack. BRCL3230BME has all the protection functions required in the battery application including overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent and load short circuiting protection etc. The low standby current drains little current from the cell while in storage. The device is not only targeted for digital cellular phones, but also for any other Li-Ion and Li-Poly battery-powered information appliances requiring long-term battery life.


特征    /    Features


u  内部集成等效 25mΩ 的先进的功率 MOSFET;


u  超小封装 SOT23-5;


u  内部集成 RC,无需任何外围器件;


u  过温保护;


u  过充电电流保护;


u  2 段过流保护:过放电电流 1,过放电电流 2,负载短路电流;


u  充电器检测;


u  0V 电池充电功能,延迟时间内部设定,高精度电压检测;


u  低静态电流,正常工作电流:3.0uA,待机电流:1.7uA; 


u  无卤产品


u  Integrate advanced power MOSFET with Equivalent of 25mΩ RDS(ON);


u  Ultra-small SOT23-5 package;


u  Internal integration RC without any peripheral devices;


u  Over-temperature Protection;


u  Overcharge Current Protection;


u  Three-step Overcurrent Detection: Overdischarge Current1,Overdischarge Current2,Load Short Circuiting


u  Charger detection function;


u  0V battery charging function, delay times are generated inside,High-accuracy voltage detection.

u  Low Current Consumption, Operation Mode: 3.0μA typ,Power-down Mode: 1.7μA typ ;


u  HF Product;

用途    /    Applications




One-Cell lithium-ion battery pack; Lithium-Polymer battery pack.